Irresistible Hotel Gift Cards & Hotel Gift Vouchers

If you know LUX* Resorts & Hotels, you know we love to help people celebrate life. And what better way to celebrate than with a gift? Or even better, gift cards.

They’re the most convenient way to mark an occasion, surprise a friend or thank a colleague or treat yourself. We spent a lot of time thinking about what hotel perks and services make for great gift cards. We are proud to present to you our revolving collection of gift cards.

The gift vouchers come with a validity period of 12 months allowing maximum flexibility. Have a friend who can never make up their mind? The lengthy validity period might help. Twelve months is a full year so plenty of time to schedule. Flexibility is everything in our books.

Do you know why we love them? Because they’re so personal. Did we mention convenience? And if you have to pick a gift for someone you don’t know that well, or someone who you do know is picky, gift cards are a blessing. They’ll save you from quite the headache. It’s always tempting to just give an envelope of cash but that sure screams “impersonal”. However, cash gift vouchers are a different story.

Our cash vouchers start at EUR 20 only and can go up to EUR 500 if you’re in the mood to splurge. Cash vouchers are especially great because they provide a huge amount of flexibility while still showing thoughtfulness on your part. Our cash vouchers can be used at any of the listed resorts or hotels in any of our destinations. Basically, all around the globe. If you want to gift a special someone a stay but you’re struggling to figure out the exact dates, cash gift cards are a life-saver. And if you are in serious need of some self-care, treat yourself to a few since they can be cumulated for later use, like spending a few nights in a hotel.
Our cash gift cards can also be spent on a number of activities at any one of our listed hotels and resorts in dreamy destinations. All in all, whoever you gift a cash card to will have all the flexibility and choice imaginable.

We also believe gifts are not proper presents if they are not a little bit personalised (at the very the least). When you buy a gift voucher with LUX* Resorts & Hotels, you can add your personal touch by including a dedicated message to your recipient. Just don’t get mixed up, you wouldn’t want to send a note to your granny that was meant for your significant other or crush. And vice versa. Even worse would be to mix up crush and colleague.
Unless that’s not a mix up and totally intentional…
(We won’t tell!)

Finally, you can either choose to send the electronic gift voucher to yourself first, or if distance is an issue, you can choose to email the voucher directly to the recipient. Easy!

You are now all set to pick out the perfect gift card!

Hotel Gift Cards & Vouchers in Mauritius, Maldives, Reunion & China

LUX* Resorts & Hotels is currently present in four destinations and gift cards are available for our hotels and resorts in the Maldives, Mauritius, Reunion Island and China. Over 145 gift vouchers are currently available, and we regularly add new and exciting ones to our online shop. The result? A very, very large selection for you to choose from. There truly is something for everyone and every imaginable occasion. Between us, who even needs an occasion to give a present?



On a single island the size of a volcanic rock (just kidding, it’s bigger than a rock but it’s still pretty tiny), you get to experience three resorts in three distinct locations, each one unique in its offerings, landscape, lagoon, type of beach and even micro-climate. Who knew such a tiny island could have such a mix of everything? We love that about Mauritius. It’s what makes it so rich and fascinating.



The Maldives is said to be the ultimate travel destination, and the one which you absolutely have to have on your bucket list. It makes sense if you think about the crazy topography: I mean, how many nations can claim to be 99% percent water? With the remaining 1% being the prettiest white-sand islands. The Maldives is synonymous with basking under the sun, lounging by your private pool, eating breakfast off of a floating tray in said private pool, snorkelling over the house reef right in front of your overwater villa on stilts, swimming with manta rays and helping a team of Marine Biologists research whale sharks. A gift card in the Maldives in your best bet.



Reunion Island is definitely not a destination for the faint of heart. It is purposefully called “l’île intense” which literally translates to Intense Island. Set on the beautiful west coast of l’Hermitage, LUX* Saint Gilles, the single only 5-star beach resort on the island is a gem: its beautiful, tropical gardens are spotted with filao trees. And right out front is the prettiest sandy beach facing an equally pretty lagoon. And while you are there, you don’t want to miss dining at Orangine, a reference in fine-dining in Reunion Island. It is most probably an experience you will want for yourself. But if you’re feeling generous, it’s a good gift to give a couple who’s in need of a date night.



China has one of the world’s richest cultures with a history that goes way back. Even historically, China was renowned for its trade routes. One of which is the legendary Tea Horse Road, where Chinese tea and Tibetan horses were long traded. The ancient passageway once stretched 1,400 miles from the tea growing region of Pu’er all the way to Lhasa, the holy Tibetan city. Nomadic travellers seeking to go deeper into a destination will fall head over heels for our
LUX* Tea Horse Road concept. It’s a unique collection of retreats along the mystical Tea Horse Road, where the journey itself is the destination.

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