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The luxury villas by LUX* are evocative of lighter, brighter holidays. Nothing says holiday like a stay in a villa, right? Exquisitely-designed, ours are a balanced blend of simple, bling and fun. When you choose to stay in one of our luxury villas, you reclaim a certain independence and privacy, but at the same time, you get to enjoy all the benefits of a swanky hotel. Depending on your mood, you can choose the tranquillity of your own private space and pool, away from prying eyes, or you can join in the buzz of everyday life at the resort. Villas are a good choice for families, and friends travelling together. It’s just the two of you? Don’t let that hold you back, by any means. Because villa living comes with a whole additional set of perks! In our resorts with villas, you’ll find that each has its own design and vibe matching that of the resort and the destination of course. Read on to see what sets them apart.
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The Maldives is that one destination that no longer needs an introduction. Fantasized by many, it’s famous for the one resort = one island concept. That’s due to its rarefied topography consisting of atolls, the top of submerged extinct volcanoes. The postcard clichés are true: the water is as blue as it is warm, and the sand as white as it is fine. Coconut trees sway in the salty breeze, making for the perfect shaded spot to relax. But the best part is undoubtedly the overwater luxury villas on stilts. Who doesn’t want to be able to jump from your deck into the Indian Ocean? Surely, these villas perched over the sea are what make people put the Maldives on their ultimate bucket list. The only risks being a sunburn, a scratch against the coral reef or a coconut falling on your head (don’t worry the hotels keep the coconut trees perfectly trimmed and the only coconuts you’ll be dealing with are the ones that are sliced open right in front of you so you can sip on the delicious, cooling coconut water).

LUX* South Ari Atoll Villas - Maldives

Staying at LUX* South Ari Atoll means you get to enjoy the Maldives to its fullest. Not overly done, simple yet elegant, light and breezy, the thatched-roof luxury villas at the resort reflect the ultimate island luxury living you have been looking for. Wake up to the views of the Indian Ocean, take a dip in the warm Maldivian waters and enjoy the comfort of your villa and your private pool. That’s really all it takes to be happy at LUX* South Ari Atoll. We have eight different room categories, so whether you’re flying solo or with a tribe of little travellers in tow, or whether you’re more the water villa type than the beach one, you will find your fit.

Why Choose LUX* South Ari Atoll Villas?

  • Luxury Accommodation is housed in Beach Villas/Pavilions & Overwater Villas, including 62 with private pools 
  • Extensive Lagoon with an array of multi-coloured fish/unique spot for whale shark watching all year round
  • Other facilities available in the hotel: Restaurant & Bars, Spa, Water & Land-Based Sporting Activities
  • Complimentary WiFi access throughout the resort
Luxury Maldives All Inclusive Resorts & Packages


Mauritius has to be one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. And “beautiful” is really an understatement here. It’s just like you would imagine: tropical green landscapes and sugarcane and pineapple fields as far the eye can see. As for the circumference of the island, it’s all sandy shores and turquoise lagoons. The island has long been a luxury hospitality travel destination with high-end resorts dotting its shores. So yes, the island’s beauty is certainly a good enough reason to visit but there’s more beyond the beaches. Mauritius is possibly one of the most culturally-diverse places. So many different people, beliefs, traditions, dialects, cultures… And yet all live harmoniously as one.

LUX* Belle Mare Villas - Mauritius

Located on the east coast of Mauritius, LUX* Belle Mare Resort & Villas is simply brimming with the vibrant energy and warm hospitality of island living. Set right on one of the most dazzling beaches in Mauritius facing a crystal-clear lagoon, LUX* Belle Mare draws guests in its naturally elegant, relaxed ambience, ensuring an unforgettable stay, far from everyday’s worries. For those seeking a truly intimate and indulgent escape, an exclusive enclave of 12 luxurious villas redesigned by renowned British designer Kelly Hoppen offers refined living spaces, private pools set in verdant tropical gardens, and a 24-hour villa host service just a phone call away. The resort’s world-class facilities include four restaurants, one bar and one café. The tranquil LUX* Me Spa, a range of water sports and an irresistible swimming pool are just a short stroll away.

Why Choose LUX* Belle Mare Villas?

  • 12 Villas facing the ocean
  • Personalised Host Service
  • Private Heated Swimming Pool
  • Private Gazebo (for massages or dinner)
  • Complimentary WiFi access throughout the resort
  • Luxury Private Transfer available
  • Other facilities available at the hotel: Restaurant & Bars, Spa, Water & Land-Based Sporting Activities
Mauritius Gift Cards & Vouchers

LUX* Grand Gaube Villas - Mauritius

The word villa itself conjures up images of privacy, lavishness, indulgence, and holiday. Sounds dreamy, right? The gorgeous
LUX* Grand Gaube villas are your ideal home in the tropics. Breakfast on a floating tray in your swimming pool? A private yoga class on your very own beach? We think yes. The one-of-a-kind LUX* Villa with bespoke interiors by Kelly Hoppen is the ultimate way to experience LUX* Grand Gaube. Set on a private peninsula, the villas, designed for the highest levels of privacy and comfort, offer panoramic views of the beach cove, the lagoon and the Indian Ocean beyond. With dedicated 24-hour butler service (and not just any kind of service but the legendary LUX* service), our villas are the ultimate place to gather friends and family to celebrate life together.

Why Choose LUX* Grand Gaube Villas?

  • 3 villas facing the ocean and set on a private beach
  • Personalised host service
  • Private swimming pool
  • Luxury private transfer available
  • Complimentary WiFi access throughout the resort
  • Luxury private transfer available
  • Other facilities available at the hotel: restaurants & bars, spa, water & land based sporting activities
Mauritius Gift Cards & Vouchers

LUX* Grand Baie Villas - Mauritius

Opening in November 2021, LUX* Grand Baie Resort & Residences holds the promise of sophisticated, laid-back beachside living. And what better way to live the sweet island life than in our Kelly-Hoppen designed villas? These surprisingly sleek beach retreats break new ground with their impeccably-styled interiors. Think a neutral colour palette, lots of textures and terrazzo-tiled bathrooms. Designed to feel like your own home, the villas come with a heated pool, detail-driven butler service, and all you need to soak up the sun or enjoy a sunset apéritif with your friends. Oh, and did we mention that all villas are impeccably designed with seamless integration of technology?

Why Choose LUX* Grand Baie Villas?

  • An iconic clean beach
  • Striking design and architecture
  • A sustainable approach to resort life
  • Private butler service
  • Majestic rooftop with a spectacular infinity pool
  • Cutting edge fitness and wellness technology
  • Other facilities available in the hotel: restaurants & bars, spa, water & land-based sporting activities
  • Tee off time: partnership with Mont Choisy Le Golf situated close to the resort


China is fascinating in that many people have preconceived ideas about the country that is home to 1.4 billion fellow humans. Yet, give it a chance, and you’ll fall head over heels for one of the most rich and ancient cultures the world has seen. There’s just so much to learn about and see. From the ancient capitals with their palatial dwellings and unbelievably-delicious street food to sprawling, ultra-dense cities. From the countryside where rugged, high-altitude mountains and rushing rivers neighbour lush tropical jungles to the borders of Vietnam or Tibet. The sheer variety of landscapes and ethnic minorities inhabiting these places is astounding, really. And the food… Don’t get us started on the food. Every meal is a feast with countless dishes that keep coming. And all the tea! The north has its pungent yak butter milk tea while in the southern Yunnan Province, you’ll find the world’s purest and most prized Pu’er tea. All in all, China is one of those places where you can return to time and time again and still be as fascinated as the first time.

LUX* Chongzuo Villas - China

From the moment you step into your luxury villa at LUX* Chongzuo in Guanxi, you cannot escape the framed view of the heart-stoppingly beautiful karst formation, tropical jungle and the Mingshi river. This hotel redefines slow travel and the idea of living by the river. The villas have been designed cleverly to blend with the natural surroundings and the minimal design is nothing but soothing to the eyes and the feel. Enjoy this comfort which we truly believe compares to none other. Most probably, along your other holidays, you would have been by the beach or enjoyed island living but here, we are inviting you to another experience and another kind of luxury. Relax in your bathtub while observing nature or have a swim in your private plunge pool, while being soothed by chirping birds and a magnificent view. We promise you will not get enough of that view.

Why Choose LUX* Chongzuo Villas?

  • Located a 15 minutes drive from the border of Vietnam in an AAA tourism area near famous attractions
  • The gorgeous natural setting: Karst Formations, Mingshi River
  • The resort’s tropical modernist architecture and design
  • A stylish, outdoor rooftop with mesmerising views
  • A variety of innovative and creative restaurants & bars
  • The chicest café in town, located near the lobby
  • Mindful wellness
  • A family-friendly resort
  • Butler service
  • Private pools


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